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http://www.besteasymexicanrecipes.com/ What is Authentic Mexican Food? Learn how to prepare and cook the best easy Mexican recipes: http://www.besteasymexica…

Saratoga Jacks Thermal Cooker  Mexican Chicken Delight Recipe

Thermal Cooking Is AWESOME… a NEW way to cook without power… Todays video is all about Everyone’s favorite thermal cooker recipe, Saratoga Jacks Mexican …
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  1. Amy LovelessJanuary 3, 2014 at 4:44 amReply

    Hey GUYS… Thanks for sharing the news about thermal cooking… we don’t
    advertise…only our awesome friends talking about what we do, has slowly
    spread the word about Saratoga Jacks and how we all are slow cooking for up
    to 8 hours on a 2-4 minute boil…and green living has become pretty cool

    Loving all our emergency prepper friends who use SJ thermal cookers to save
    fuel too… HUGS and don’t be strangers… we love getting your letters and
    stories about WHERE on Earth you guys are EATING OUT! with your Saratoga
    Jacks cookers…

    We love the busy moms serving meals from the backs of minivans…soccer
    moms…football families tailgating… sailboats… Great wall of CHINA…
    We love where you “GO OUT TO EAT” with your portable Saratoga Jacks thermal
    cookers… IT MAKES our day to hear about it! We can’t wait to hear about
    how you are “REDEFINING” Eating Out! Thanks for sending PICTURES! We love
    seeing you and your family enjoying life and getting out together! Keep
    them coming!
    Amy and Jack!

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